Mishawaka parks getting a new prehistoric adventure

NOW: Mishawaka parks getting a new prehistoric adventure

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Battell Park in Mishawaka is introducing a new feature that integrates an augmented reality experience of dinosaurs standing right next to you.

A station is now set up at Battell to get visitors set up for the adventure.

The station gives visitors instructions for the app needed and a QR code to bring the dinosaurs to life.

“What we love about it being on the Riverwalk, is it encourages people to walk to the next station, so on the Riverwalk, they can start here at Battell park and so they have to walk to the next one, so they get a little bit of fitness in there. They’re learning, and then they’re using technology, so we love it,” said Phil Blasko, Park Superintendent of Mishawaka Parks and Rec.

Beutter Park also got a similar adventure that augments different insects onto your device.

Both adventures will be available in these Mishawaka parks until July.

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