Mishawaka Police warn about dangers of leaving children in hot cars

NOW: Mishawaka Police warn about dangers of leaving children in hot cars


MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- Mishawaka Police are urging people not to leave children and pets behind in cars as temperatures continue to rise. These warnings come after a cellphone video showed four children left inside of a car at Walmart in MIshawaka earlier this week.

"Please don’t get out of your car and go into your grocery store and leave your children unattended outside," said Mishawaka Police Lieutenant Tim Williams. "Not only do you have to worry about the weather but you also have to worry about what’s happening in and around that vehicle."

Officials say in just 30 mins the inside of a car can get 20 degrees hotter than the temperature outside the car. 

"Just cracking the windows two inches or so, isn’t close enough to cool any car, especially if its stagnant and humid and heat indexes are higher," said Williams.

Officials also say that leaving a child in a hot car can lead to long term health problems.

"With windows cracked or down the temperature in that car is still going to go higher than it is outside and children, especially small children, their bodies are going to heat up three to five time faster than an adult," said Williams.

Mishawaka Police say that parents need to be more diligent in checking the back of their cars to make sure they're not leaving their children behind. 

"That’s an important thing to look at," said Williams. "Is it safe to leave a child in a car? Weather wise probably not we want to make sure our children are safe, they’re the most precious thing to us."

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