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Mishawaka Police warn against mass gatherings

NOW: Mishawaka Police warn against mass gatherings

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- Mishawaka Police are asking the public to not attend large gatherings after hundreds attended an event on McKinley Avenue Friday night. Most of the people at the event showed up to the Big Lots parking lot to witness the return of the 'McKinley Avenue Cruisers'.

Amy Nickerson help organize the event on Facebook. She says she was not expecting the amount of people that showed up Friday night.

"We kind of joked about it for a couple weeks and said let’s make a Facebook event and see what happens and it took off," said Nickerson.

Mishawaka Police eventually came to shut the gathering down. Officials issued a statement saying the event "Violates Governor Holcomb's stay at home order,". 

However some people at the event say Mishawaka Police was at the event long before it was shut down but did nothing for hours. 

"What I witnessed was that same cop sat there the entire time," said Nickerson. "He sat off to the side, watched, came over."

ABC 57 reached out to Mishawaka Police for further comment but officials declined. Nickerson says she encouraged attendees to stay in cars and practice social distancing, but couldn't control what people did when they got to the parking lot.

"We’re all adults so the suggestion could be put out there but I can in no way control what other people do," said Nickerson.

There are plans for another event next Friday. 

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Victor 35 days ago
Stay in your car. Not these fools! Acting like a loose group of monkeys. Fights and leaving trash for others to pick up. Burn outs in the parking lots. Horrible
mcgees 36 days ago
Participants should sign a waiver that states if they or any of their loved ones contract CV19, they will be denied treatment
factchecker mcgees 35 days ago
and just what would that treatment be? there is no treatment.... get an edu-me-cation
JimBella factchecker 35 days ago
Didn't our "Leader" mention an injection of disinfectants and the virus will just disappear in a minute?
JimBella 36 days ago
GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY MISSED!?!? Maybe next time Police will block-off all exits, then walk through the lots with their “Drug-sniffing” Dogs. Tactic works very well in International Airports arriving passenger areas …no one gets out, without being sniffed out!
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