Mishawaka Public House looks forward to first weekend open

NOW: Mishawaka Public House looks forward to first weekend open

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- A cold weekend in the forecast means people coming out to ice skate, and now they can walk just a few feet over to the new Mishawaka Public House!

“This is our very first in-park café,” says Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood.

Downtown Mishawaka’s newest dining experience, the Mishawaka Public House, has only been open for two days but it’s already proving to be a great addition to Ironworks Plaza!

“It’s a really cool place where people will want to be,” says Kristina Tressler, the Director of Operations for the South Bend Chocolate Company.

Just steps away from the Ironworks ice skating ribbon, ‘The House’ offers the typical dinner with an elevated, one-of-a-kind view with the Riverwalk and Buetter Park right in its backyard.

“You can really see the lights outside and it’s really beautiful. I think the upstairs turned out really nice, the river view seating,” Tressler explains. “It’s a really nice scenery, you can sit here, eat at the bar and watch the bumper cars and watch the ice skating too.”

On the menu are specialty items that you can only find there, and recipes that managers say the chefs in the kitchen have been working to perfect.

“Broiled chicken poutine, so we actually take the fries, we put the cheese curds on top, then it’s broiled, then we put the chicken on top, and then the gravy on top, it’s really good,” says Tressler. “We changed up the cocktail menu a lot, there’s a lot of fun drinks there, there’s a couple of burgers that have changed a little bit, sandwiches that have changed a little bit.”

As downtown Mishawaka continues to grow and become home to more and more businesses, the addition of the Public House is only driving the foot traffic to the thriving area even more.

“I think that the community down here is really special in Mishawaka, and the more restaurants, the more apartments, the more businesses that come here the merrier,” Tressler says.

“I think that people are coming back to downtown in big numbers, and embracing life downtown all year round,” Mayor Wood adds.

It’s expected to be a busy opening weekend at the Public House, if you want to come ice skate before you grab a bite to eat, remember you have to register ahead of time.

Here's where to register

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