Mishawaka street crews trying to keep roads clear

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Ever since the snow started Tuesday, Mishawaka’s street crews have been out trying to keep the roads clear.

The snow started coming down Tuesday afternoon adding stress to the evening commute.

“I'm waiting for the bus I'm on my way to work, I take the bus this way every day and the weather kind of sucks,” said Brandon Quilen.

The Mishawaka street crews say they're ready to fight the bad weather.

"In the last hour the snow has started sticking to the roads so we’re getting them loaded up into the respective areas,” said Alex Fisher, Assistant Street Commissioner.

Mishawaka crews will first salt bridges and intersections as the snow builds up.

"When it starts getting to be like an inch deep then we start pushing it out-of-the-way,” said Fisher.

Then they'll work the 300 mile stretch of roads 24/7 if they need to.

"Our shift will plow until 11 p.m. We’ll have the third shift come in from 11 to 7 and then we will just continue to plow through the night,” said Fisher.

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