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Residents facing problems at Miami Hills Apartments

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Residents at an apartment building in South Bend are facing issues like mold, mushrooms growing in walls and plumbing issues.

Many residents at Miami Hills Apartments in South Bend are frustrated with the conditions of the complex.

“I’ve got water leaking from my outlet right underneath my sink, so I’m experiencing a lot of water and mold,” Naomi Williams, a tenant at Miami Hills said.

But the list of problems doesn’t end there.

“The laundry room’s been out for a year. I have a basket right here at the end of this hall in this closet that I’m steadytrying to wash inside of the tub and inside of the sink,” tenant Shasha Adams said.

These problems mentioned have not been a new phenomenon for these residents, as some issues have apparently gone unaddressed for years.

ABC57 reached out to management and the owning company of the complex but did not receive a response.

South Bend's Code Enforcement did release a statement saying:

“The City has responded and addressed issues brought to our attention by tenants at the Miami Hills Apartments. If any resident has concerns about a rental property, they should report the exact location by calling 311 or emailing 311@southbendin.gov so that Code Enforcement can address the complaint.”

But some residents think this complex is beyond repair.

“I don’t know why they haven’t been closed this place down. I really don’t know why they haven’t closed this place down, because it’s not fit to live in,” tenant Patrice Verse told ABC57.

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Wattson0305 325 days ago
Here is my thing! I worked at this place for over a year. I was maintenance supervisor. When I was working. I addressed every problem I could. And it's not the place. 80% of the ppl living in this place is nasty! When some1 would move out we put new carpet new walls new paint new everything! Examples of nasty ppl. Lady called saying she had mold on carpet.... I asked if she owns a vacuum cleaner. She said no. She had 3 kids. Like 2yrs-6yrs old... kids spilled juice milk etcetera. She never cleaned it!.. 80% of these ppl don't clean up after themselves and expect maintenance to clean the mess.. another person never opened under her sink for 4 years cause she seen a spider go under it.... come on. Because 80% of these ppl never Maintained their living space that place has gone the way it is.... I could not do my job cause of how nasty the apartment was. These is just a couple of ppl. The management company always did what they could but if the residents don't comply what can they do?
CraigDifley 325 days ago
Judge Judy is TV every day with advice for tenants with complaints: if you don't like the conditions where you live, move.
When enough residents move out, the place will shut down and allow an investor to rescue the property and put it back in good repair.
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