Monthly crime data shows violence trends

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Shorter months may mean less crime!

The South Bend Police Department held their monthly crime stats meeting Wednesday night that breaks down crime in the previous month.

Not only do they break down the numbers on crime, but they also pinpoint exactly where crime is happening in the city. Data shows February was less deadly compared to January, but the downtown area did see an uptick in violence.

“These crimes of opportunity are a big thing, but this is where we use our different data and intel, where we can actually see these trends of retaliation going on, these feuds, these ongoing feuds between these gangs and groups,” says Operations Manager at the South Bend Police Department, Lieutenant Kyle Drombrowski.

Looking back on February, although it’s a shorter month, most crime trends saw a decrease compared to January’s stats. In January there were two homicides, whereas in February there weren't any homicides. Shots fired went down by over 50 from 186 in January to 134 in February.

The crimes on the rise are what officials call crimes of opportunity. In February the department reported an increase in commercial burglary, rape, and personal robbery.

A map of the city drawn up by the department indicates the east/downtown region appears to be a hot spot for crime, with increases in residential burglary, drug violations, and larceny.

With the installment of the department’s real time crime center and anonymous tips from the community, officials say a big part of tracking the numbers comes from neighbors.

“This is where we work with our community partners, this is where we forward that information, because we can’t do it alone,” Lieutenant Drombrowski says.

All of the data shared in the monthly meetings like tonight’s is also available online on the department’s transparency hub.

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