More than 100 volunteers build ramps for disabled

Saginaw County, MI -- On a wet and rainy morning, more than 150 volunteers built ramps to ease a task many of us take for granted - walking out the front door.

"Thank God today came, rain and all and we have this wonderful crew of men that we're so thankful for that their putting us up a new ramp so I can go to dialysis three times a week," Carol Demott said.

Demott is one of nine Saginaw County residents who can now leave their house on a new handicapped accessible ramp built right up to their door.

It's a door that she, her wheelchair and caregiver had to struggle through every day.

"My caregiver had to really pull and tug on the wheelchair which is really a hard thing since I don't have a whole lot of mobility, I'm not a great help to them," Demott said.

Now life is that much easier thanks to a group of Mid-Michigan folks who are not getting paid but just want to make life better one ramp at a time.

"I've done this for three years and when you get the thing done, to see the look on the face of the crew that did this, and the look of the people that now have more mobility that makes it all worth it that's your payment," said Tom Knaub, a volunteer.

A payment that would normally cost around $2,000 is paid for only with gratitude.

"I'm just so overwhelmed and thankful for these people that took their time and to do it in the rain to boot, I mean that's just a wonderful, wonderful thing and they need to be commended," Demott said.

The event was put on by several organizations including the United Way of Saginaw County, Home Depot, and several local UAW chapters.


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