Morning cold freezes a wet t-shirt

NOW: Morning cold freezes a wet t-shirt

It was definitely a cold one out here to start, even colder than yesterday morning because everyone was at least above zero. Since everyone was around zero or colder this morning with a light northerly breeze, almost all of Michiana continues to be under a Wind Chill Advisory until noon today.

That means that this morning's "feels like" temperatures could be as cold as 15 to 25 degrees below zero! So, when you're planning on what to wear today, make sure you do your best to layer up. If you're spending more than 5 to 10 minutes outside this morning, or throughout the day, you'll want 3 or more layers and maybe even something to cover your face from the wind.

And you'll only be able to shed one of those layers by this afternoon as the feels like temperatures really won't be improving much today! It'll feel like it's below freezing all day long!

In fact, it was so cold this morning, I did a quick wet t-shirt experiment just to show you how cold it was. I just soaked a plain, white t-shirt and put it on a coat hanger outside. After only 5 to 10 minutes, this shirt felt more like a big piece of poster board! It was so stiff that I could hold it flat, parallel to the ground, and even upside down! That's some serious cold!

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