Most Googled Halloween queries state-by-state


(WBND) -- Halloween is around the corner and one company discovered what Halloween topics the nation is Googling.

CenturyLink provided a look at each state's most searched for phrase on Halloween using Google Trends.


The curated list of Halloween Google searches includes the following results state-by-state:

  • Alabama-Halloween Makeup
  • Alaska-Sexy Halloween Costume
  • Arizona-Halloween Makeup
  • Arkansas-What is Halloween?
  • California-Best Halloween Pranks
  • Colorado-Best Halloween Candy
  • Connecticut-Halloween Party
  • Delaware-Couples Costume Ideas
  • District of Columbia-Halloween Pick Up Lines
  • Florida-Halloween Party
  • Georgia-Is Halloween Satanic?
  • Hawaii-Cat Makeup
  • Idaho-Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  • Illinois-Razor Blade in Candy
  • Indiana-Witching Hour
  • Iowa-What is Halloween?
  • Kansas-Halloween Party
  • Kentucky-Baby Costume Ideas
  • Louisiana-Halloween Party
  • Maine-Couples Costume Ideas
  • Maryland-Halloween Party
  • Massachusetts-Best Halloween Candy
  • Michigan-What Time Does Trick or Treat Start?
  • Minnesota-Sugar Free Candy
  • Mississippi-Halloween Makeup
  • Missouri-What is Halloween?
  • Montana-Ouija Board
  • Nebraska-Cat Makeup
  • Nevada-Sugar Free Candy
  • New Hampshire-Devil Makeup
  • New Jersey-Curfew
  • New Mexico-Halloween Makeup
  • New York-Halloween Party
  • North Carolina-What Time Does Trick or Treat Start?
  • North Dakota-Couples Costume Ideas
  • Ohio-Is Halloween Satanic?
  • Oklahoma-Sugar Free Candy
  • Oregon-Sugar Free Candy
  • Pennsylvania-Razor Blade in Candy
  • Rhode Island-Halloween Makeup
  • South Carolina-Halloween Pick Up Lines
  • South Dakota-Halloween Memes
  • Tennessee-What is Halloween?
  • Texas-Halloween Party
  • Utah-Halloween Makeup
  • Vermont-What is Halloween?
  • Virginia-Is Halloween Satanic?
  • Washington-Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  • West Virginia-How to TP
  • Wisconsin-Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  • Wyoming-Pumpkin Carving Ideas
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