Mother in mourning after deadly car crash

NOW: Mother in mourning after deadly car crash

NORTH LIBERTY, Ind.—Brody Vanek, an 11-year-old boy with straight A’s and ambitious aspirations to become a pediatric neurologist and rapper, was visiting his aunt, Donna Vanek in Kentucky for the summer.

“He looked forward to going there every summer. They just did all kinds of stuff with him and he loved the family that he had there and he really enjoyed getting the time to learn. He was like a sponge and he loved to absorbed things and meet new people and just be loved and liked by people, and he got that there,” Brody’s mother Jodie Hodges said.

Driving along I-64, Brody and his aunt Donna were hit by a distracted truck driver, killing them both.

The driver also admitted to using controlled substances before getting behind the wheel and was driving on a suspended license.

Brody's mother, Jodie Hodges, mourns their death and is sharing memories.

“Brody was very energetic, very high spirited child, he was very compassionate, very loving and very affectionate,” Hodges said.

“He was on the basketball team, he had set a list of goals over the summer already and his goals were to be the best 3-point shooter at his school and to score the most points this year in basketball, to have the best grades and be the fastest runner”

Hodges said that coping with the loss is indescribable and said that their lives were taken too quickly.

“It was completely unnecessary loss of two great people who had a lot to offer to the world still,” Hodges said.

Hodges is seeking justice for the both of them, and hopes that their deaths weren't in vain.

“The employers check your employees. They’re mandated to check their employees DOT records once a year and have they done their job, my son would be alive today,” Hodges said.

“It’s still surreal like... I’m still waiting for my son to come home.”

Jodie said that the prosecutor’s office has been working with her on serving justice for Brody and Donna.

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