Mothers and babies being helped through local non-profit grant money

NOW: Mothers and babies being helped through local non-profit grant money


It's only been five months, but Community Wellness Partners new programming to help Michiana mothers have healthy babies is already making a difference. 

Community Wellness Partners received a $2 million dollar grant to crack high infant death rates in Michiana. And organizers say it's a great success so far.

CWP has launched programming in St. Joseph, Elkhart, LaPorte and Marshall counties aimed at making sure infants are staying alive and healthy. 

The target is African- American and Latino families, where infant deaths are the highest on average. 

Lots of services are being offered to new mothers, like one-on-one education, diapers and baby products at no cost to them, and baby boxes. 

"For now it's just LaPorte, St.Joe, Marshall and Elkhart counties. But I think it should be global," said Nikki Hunt, a doula in the program. 

One of the moms benefiting from the program says she's doesn't know what she would do without the help. 

"I feel like I have a support system," said Melanie Phillips. "It's very informative. And I don't feel alone in this program. I appreciate what they are doing and what this program offers. Because I feel like it's needed."

The organization says they do need some help. They are always looking for donations of diapers and other baby products for low income families. They are also asking the community for help in finding moms in need. 

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