Muffet McGraw on phone call from HOF: "I had a moment where I couldn't catch my breath!"

NOW: Muffet McGraw on phone call from HOF: “I had a moment where I couldn’t catch my breath!“

Muffet McGraw became immortalized into the game of basketball after being inducted in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Saturday.

McGraw said Tuesday to the media Tuesday when she got the phone call, she thought it was to tell her she had not made the HOF.

"So when he said it's my pleasure to welcome you to the Hall of Fame, I had a moment where I couldn't catch my breath and almost burst into tears on the phone and then it was just an amazing moment. Matt was there with me so we got to share it," McGraw said.

Asked who was more excited her or her husband Matt, she jokingly pointed to him.

"I think he was more excited than I was. I think he feels like he takes on so much of what people say from the outside that I don't even hear, so I think he felt really good about it."

On team related matters, McGraw said forward Brianna Turner will have surgery soon to repair her torn ACL suffered in the Irish's second round game against Purdue. All options, McGraw says, are on the table regarding recovery, including Turner missing next year completely.

Also, forward Kathryn Westbeld will have surgery on her ankle that hampered her the second half of the season. McGraw said surgery needed to be done but having Westbeld play through all the pain didn't make it any worse. McGraw spoke about the toughness Westbeld showed the latter half of the season.

"You kind of look back at it and go, 'Dang!' It didn't make it any worse, that was the reason that she played, so she did play through some pain and such a mentally tough kid, just really wanted to be out there with her team," McGraw said.

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