Schools in Michiana and across the state receive bomb threat

NOW: Schools in Michiana and across the state receive bomb threat

Many school districts across the state received a bomb threat via email late Thursday night.

In the Michiana area, schools in Middlebury, Fairfield, Eastern Pulaski, Prairies Heights and Lakeville all received the threat.

Many of the schools shut their doors for the day and held classes online, while others had police conduct a sweep and then opened when investigators said it was safe.

"We’re glad that they used caution with the keeping the kids out of school today just so that they could go through the building and then go throw it again, and it’s a beautiful day and I know for some families it wasn't as easy of a transition as it is for ours but I hope that everyone was able to make that transition and we’re all safe," said Judy King, the parent of a Middlebury student.

More than 35 school districts across the state are cooperating with police to assess the bomb threats.

So far, no suspicious devices have been found. 

"The safety of our children will always be a top priority," said Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. "The Indiana State Police will continue to offer any and all resources we have to schools to ensure safety for our students."

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