Multiple shots fired during a bar fight in Portage

PORTAGE, Ind. - Portage Police Department was dispatched to the Sunset Bar located at 5844 U.S. Highway 6 around 2:17 am on Saturday for a report of shots fired.

As officers arrived to the scene, they saw several cars rapidly leaving the parking lot of the bar.

There were still approximately 80 bar patrons in the parking lot, many still actively engaged in a physical altercation that police worked to break up.

Police attempted to determine what the cause of the incident was, but they were met with mostly uncooperative witnesses or those who claimed to not know or see anything.

Based on the statements from those who did speak with police, they believe there was a melee inside the bar between 20 - 30 subjects where tables were tipped over and chairs thrown.

It is unknown the cause of the melee, however there are some reports that it may have been over rival neighborhoods outside of Portage.

An employee at the bar turned on the lights and told everyone they had to leave. The fighting continued outside in the parking lot where it was described as an active running gun battle.

Officers found approximately 30 spent shell casings from various weapons scattered all over he parking lot, however no weapons were recovered by police.

3 people were shot during this incident as well as multiple cars and a neighboring business.

A male from Gary, Indiana was shot in the abdomen, a male from Kentucky was shot in the left arm, and another male from East Chicago, Indiana was shot is the left hand.

Two of the victims were transported by the Portage Fire Department to the hospital while the victim that was shot in the arm was taken by a friend to a hospital.

At this time there is no one in custody, in part due tot the lack of cooperation from subjects on scene.

Police are still investigating at this time.

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