Multiple thefts leaves local dragway without critical equipment

NOW: Multiple thefts leaves local dragway without critical equipment

OSCEOLA, Ind. -- The owners of Osceola Dragway say they’re shocked after thieves hit their property twice in the last two days.

“This strip has been open since 1957. That’s 62 years that we’ve been open and never anything like this before,” said Ruth Chizum, who owns the track.

Now the property has been hit by thieves twice in two days and multiple vehicles and equipment is missing.

“The equipment that was taken is the stuff we need to run the track. So that’s what’s really disheartening,” said Tim Medich, Chizum’s son. “That all has to be replaced before we open in the spring.”

The first theft happened on the night after Christmas. The owners noticed the front gate to the track was broken. They then found the building a mess.

 “We figured they forced a door open to get in,” said Medich. “They’d spent quite a bit of time inside and ransacking the place and going through things.”

Tools and equipment has been moved and two valuable vehicles are missing. Those vehicles include a red Ford F-250 pick-up truck and a red Kawasaki Mule. Medich says the stolen goods add up to around $10,000.

“They’re pretty distinctive,” he said. “The truck is very loud. It’s red with gray on the bottom. It had some equipment in the back but they may have taken that out. The mule has an after-market cover over the top and it’s got a weird-looking rack in the back.”

Medich immediately began to install alarms and security cameras on the property after the burglary. That quick installation may have saved more equipment from being stolen.

 “Last night they came back and gained entry again,” said Medich, “but the alarm went off and apparently scared them off.”

With just the tracks remaining of some critical equipment, the owners say they’re disappointed.

 “Boy we got hit twice in two days it almost seems like it’s a vendetta or someone who’s got a grudge against us for some reason. I’m very disappointed,” said Medich.

Police are investigating the theft, and Medich is asking the community to look out for the vehicles as well.

“If anybody sees them please call the police or call us or Facebook us on our Facebook page,” he said.

The Osceola Dragway Facebook page can be found here.

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