Multiple trees down following strong storms, crews work to clean up

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Local homeowners were calling in for help when trees and large branches came down on their property Monday evening.

Local tree removal companies say the best practice is to handle it as quick as possible by calling for clean-up rather than leaving it sit there as it is.

Kevin's Tree and Landscaping of Michiana says their first step when receiving a call is to come and assess the damage, then look at the best options for removal.

On Monday, their crews cut down a large branch into smaller parts to remove it quicker, as the homeowner told them they were afraid for their small kid's safety with large debris on the ground.

"We didn't anticipate the weather to be bad today, so we were prepared more for tomorrow, but we're always prepared 24/7 to come out and help you in your crisis," says Beth Franklin with Kevin's Tree and Landscaping of Michiana Inc.

The Indiana Attorney General's office recommends anyone needing large tree removals or damage repair should never pay the full cost upfront.

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