Murder suspect returns home, still on the run

ROCHESTER, Ind. – The manhunt for Roy Bell, 24, continued Thursday. As families in the community sat down to turkey dinners, Wilma Upsall’s family grieved her loss, and Bell’s family were left devastated; not knowing where their son is or if he had anything to do with the woman’s death.
ABC 57 caught up with Bell’s father in Rochester, Thursday night. He was visibly shaken by this ordeal and said he did not raise his son to do these kinds of things.
Bell’s father told ABC 57, the young man came home early Thursday morning and that the police were called. Bell’s father said, he begged his son to turn himself him but the man refused.
According to Bell’s father, the 24 year old claims he is being framed and that he has never killed anyone. State Police detectives would like to talk to him about that, but have been unable to take him into custody because Bell continues to run from them.
ABC 57 also talked to Upsall’s neighbor. He told us the woman’s son-in-law owned many guns, and claims the man told him they were stolen during the burglary that resulted in Upsall’s death.
According to the neighbor, Upsall’s grandson may have known Bell or another of the suspects, William Scroggs, 25. He told ABC 57 they would play at the home when they were boys and he suspects the knowledge of accessible guns may have been the reason for the burglary.
Upsall’s neighbor also told ABC 57, the woman only recently started living at the home on West Olsen Road.  The neighbor said he didn’t even know she was living there until she was killed on Tuesday.
Wednesday night, State Police were conducting surveillance on Bell, Scroggs and a third man Jason Miller, 34, when the car Miller was driving crossed the center line. A police officer attempted to pull Miller over, but he ran from them.
Miller led police on a 10 minute chase before losing control of his car and crashing it near Culver. All three men then fled from police on foot.
Miller and Scroggs were apprehended late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. They have been booked into the Fulton County Jail without bond.
Bell remains at large as of Thursday night. Meanwhile, his father continues to hope his son turns himself in to police.

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