Murder victim's family reacts to the arrests of suspects

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--It's been just four days since the tragic shooting of 19-year-olds Jazmin Conlee and Alejandro Tinoco.

"His mom cries, on and off," said Sandra Vasquez, Tinoco's sister-in-law.

Both victims received immense support from the community immediately following the shooting. Friends took to Facebook to share their love and hope, while family gathered to stay strong.

"He was a really really loved one," said Vasquez. "There's not one spot that didn't know Alejandro." 

But, despite the outpouring of support and prayers, Tinoco was taken off of life support just two days after the shooting; turning this violent crime into a homicide and the men responsible into murder suspects.

"What they did was just heartless." 

On Sunday night, 26-year-old Charles Moore and 21-year-old Jermon Gavin were arrested in connection to the murder of Tinoco and the shooting of Conlee- giving Tinoco's family a small sense of justice.

"He was glad that they captured them," said Vesquez of her husband- Tinoco's brother. "I mean, like i said, it won't bring Alejandro back, but at least we know they'll get what they deserve." 

Police confirmed that the Saint Joseph County Metro Homicide is still investigating the case and interviewing witnesses.

Tinoco's family says police are still searching for one more suspect.


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