Nappanee celebrates Fourth of July with parade, fireworks

NOW: Nappanee celebrates Fourth of July with parade, fireworks

NAPPANEE, Ind. -- A big celebration, with a parade and fireworks show, took place on Wednesday.

The parade ended at Stauffer Park, where more activities and events took place.

Event organizers say there was something for everyone to do there today with the fireworks show as a grand finale.

“We’re excited to have everybody in town and we’re ready for a big celebration,” said Mayor Phil Jenkins.

Despite the sweltering heat, people all over Nappanee made it out to Wednesday’s Fourth of July parade this afternoon.

It was 10-year-old Marshall Sell’s first time as a parade participant, who thought it would be fun to participate in the parade and was excited about participating with his friends.

The celebration didn’t stop there, though.

The fun and festivities continued at Stauffer Park where Sue Matthews says she has been coming to the celebration at Stauffer Park for six years.

“I like to come for the music and then the fireworks afterwards,” said Matthews, who believes that the best part of the day’s activities are the fact that families are able to bond with each other. “I think it brings families together especially. Like the ‘Nap Hunts’ the kids and families are on right now, hunting all over this area for things they have to take pictures of [in hopes of winning the hunt.]"

‘Nap Hunts,’ free swimming, the kids firefighter challenge, and live music were just some of the few events that took place on Wednesday.

But of course, the big finale was definitely the fireworks, which were little Addy Beehler’s favorite part of the holiday.

But while she, like many, were looking forward to the fireworks, they did so without forgetting the importance of this holiday, being reminded of their patriotism.

“God Bless America!,” said Beehler.

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