Nappanee Public Library celebrates Centennial with creative writing contest

NAPPANEE, Ind. – The Nappanee Public Library is hosting the NPL Centennial Creative Writing Contest for residents of all ages to celebrate the city’s centennial.

Writers can submit their work between April 1 and April 22 based on three age divisions. Each division has its own prompt but the style of writing is up to the writer (essay, poem, short story, etc.).

Only original materials can be entered. Writers can submit their work by mailing it to the library, dropping it off in person, or emailing it to [email protected].

A submission form, found online here or at the Library, is required.

NPL employees, contests sponsors, and community volunteers will judge the writings, and winners will be notified on May 1.

Writers can submit pieces based on the following age divisions/prompts:

  • Kids contest: “When I am 100, I will…”
    • Ages 5-12
    • $100 prize
    • "Write a poem or short story about what life will be like when you are 100. Write about what you might look like, how you might act, and what you might do when you're 100 years old."
  • Teen contest: “In 100 years the world will…”
    • Ages 13-17
    • $150 prize
    • "Write a poem, short story, or essay about what the world will be like in 2121. What will it be like to go to school? What will the Earth be like? Will we still have social media?"
  • Adult contest: 100-Word Challenge
    • Ages 18+
    • $200 prize
    • "Write a very short piece of prose, poetry, anything else… but it has to be 100 words or fewer. The piece can be about anything you like, but be creative!"

The contest is sponsored by Friends of the Nappanee Public Library, Kountry Cabinets, Main Street Roasters, and Bella’s Books.

For more information on the contest, visit the Library’s website.

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