Nappanee roundabout plans have some residents upset

The Indiana Department of Transportation says they want to make an intersection in Nappanee safer for the thousands of drivers who use it.

The northeast division of INDOT says more than 13,000 drivers use the intersection of State Road 119, State Road 19 and County Road 44 daily. And due to a push for greater road safety by the state, they want to put a roundabout there for better traffic flow and safety.

"If there were to be an accident it would be a glancing blow rather than a T-Bone or even a head on collision," said Toni Mayo, communications director for INDOT Northeast.

But some residents and Elkhart County officials fear a roundabout could complicate traffic for drivers in wider vehicles and heavy trucks.

"Roundabouts have their place," said Blake Doriot, Elkhart County Surveyor. "I really think that this is not a place for that"

INDOT says they have made adjustments to the roundabout plans for heavier vehicles, including changing the apron and pavement so trucks don't tip their loads.

Construction is set to begin in May. Traffic will then open back up before Thanksgiving.

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