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Navy veteran up for grueling Vermont race

SYRACUSE, New York -- It's a race that consists of obstacle races ranging from one mile to marathon distances and only ten percent who participate actually complete the race.

But that's not stopping one veteran submariner. To train for the grueling race, Michael Kearns straps on 30 pounds of equipment and runs 34 miles. He stops every three miles and does push-ups. He calls that an easy day.

However, there is more at stake than just getting phsyically fit to handle the difficult race.

Kearns is also preparing himself for the race mentally.

"While I'm doing that, I'm identifying different people that I pass, trying to identify objects, counting things. Trying to do math problems in my head to just keep myself mentally alert," Kearns said.

"One year they had them standing in waist deep in cold water while deciphering Greek," Kearns said.

If Kearns completes the race in 24 hours, he receives $100, 000. In 36 to 50 hours could earn $50,000. The maximum allowed time to try is 72 hours.

The annual race started in 2005 in Pittsfield, VT. The race challenges about 200 competitors a chance to test their mental and physical abilities.

The details of the race are kept secret. Past challenges have included chopping wood for two hours, carrying around a heavy stump for hours, or memorization contests that have to be recalled after a streneous physical activity.

The length of the race can last anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

The July race in Vermont is billed as the ultimate challenge.For more information, visit the race's website.

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