ND employees rank high with sports app

NOTRE DAME - Two Notre Dame employees are having big success with their "Gridiron 2011 College Football" iPad and iPhone Application. The app is in the top ten list of Paid Sports Apps for iPad and the top fifteen list for iPhones through the Apple Store.

Tom Klimek and Pete Massey first developed the app in 2009. "I am a huge college football fan and I thought there might be others that would appreciate having a collection schedules, scores, match ups and seating charts available at their fingertips for 99 cents," said Klimek.

The app includes everything from scores, schedules, and even layouts of stadiums.

After about six months of work the first version of the app was launched called "Gridiron 2009". Klimek said they like to add new features every year. This year is the first that an iPad specific application has been available.

Klimek said working at Notre Dame wasn't the reason he created the app, but might have influenced it. "Not directly but it helps to be around a lot of passionate football fans. Also, there are a lot of smart-phone users at the university that I can tap for ideas," said Klimek.

Klimek said he thinks more people should get involved with developing an app. "I would just like to encourage any aspiring developers out there to pursue the rapidly growing opportunities in mobile development," said Klimek.

He said just take something you're interested in and create an app out of it.

Link to App Store:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gridiron-2011-college-football/id454646596?mt=8

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