Nearly half of Iowa caucus goers undecided on who they will choose

NOW: Nearly half of Iowa caucus goers undecided on who they will choose

DES MOINES, Iowa. – The Democratic candidates are holding town hall meetings, get out the vote events, and even knocking on doors for a final push for the Iowa caucus on Monday.

There are still a sizable number of undecided voters heading into the Democratic caucuses.

This week’s New York Times and Siena College Polls asked likely caucus-goers who they would support overall, and even though Bernie Sanders was at the top of the poll among individual campaigns – 55% say they want a “moderate candidate”, 38% want a more liberal candidate.

Only 59% of these caucus-goers have made up their minds as to who they intend to caucus for, meaning nearly half are still undecided.

It was then asked which candidate has the best chance of beating President Donald Trump come November.

Joe Biden came way in front of the pack at 32%, Bernie Sanders at 24%, and Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg tied with just 10%.

The low polling percentage could hurt Mayor Pete come Monday night and so could his trouble winning over the African American Democrats in the primaries.

ABC News Political Director, Rick Klein says, “We hear it from voters who show up at his events all across Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, including voters of color worried about his record, worried about the lack of connection he seems to have with African America voters and that could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Mayor Peter is holding multiple events in Iowa for his final push before the Iowa caucus begins on Monday.

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