Nearly two dozen residents struck by tire slashing

NOW: Nearly two dozen residents struck by tire slashing

SOUTH BEND, Ind., --- Police are investigating a string of slashed tires that left several people stranded on the northeast side of town where at least 20 people woke up to flat tires Monday morning.

“So, this morning when my daughter was going to get ready to go to school, we drive her to school, we discovered there was some flat tires and after further investigation they’d been punctured an ice pick to something,” said Eileen Sullivan who lives on the northeast side.

Sullivan is one of many others Monday morning on Pyle Avenue who woke up to her two cars sitting on flat tires in her driveway, after they’d seemingly been punctured.

Sullivan who’s a medical currier and relies on her vehicles for work was unable to make it in Monday morning.

“It’s hitting me tremendously today because I would have made a pretty good chunk of change working today and now, I having to find, put money out for tires,” she said.

“This is straight out of pocket cost. No one’s going to reimburse me for this money. And then the whole day of work lost. I run my own business I don’t have a day to just give up,” added another resident who in the neighborhood who also woke up to two flat tires on his pickup truck.

The resident lives minutes away from Pyle Avenue, where almost all the cars lined up on Manchester and Woodcliff Drive also sat on flat tires on nearly both blocks.

“Both my front and back tires on the driver's side here, keyed my vehicle up on the side here just basically a bunch of unnecessary damage. They did so many cars so I don’t think it was directed at anyone but I do know for a fact it was a major inconvenience,” explained one of the impacted residents.

Folks in the area have called on other neighbors to help catch the person behind all the damage.

“Whether it’s security video, ring video, whatever please come forward and submit it to help the people that’s been affected,” said Sullivan.

ABC57 did knock on several houses that had visible cameras but unfortunately, we didn’t get any answers.

Police also confirmed at least 20 reports have been made from Friday to Monday with most coming Monday morning. The incidents are now under investigation.

If you have any information, you can reach out to South Bend Police at 574-235-9263 or Michiana crime stoppers AT 574-288-STOP.

Officials also suggest parking in a garage or car port if possible or parking in areas that are well lit.

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