Neighbor and passerby save couple from a house fire

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Two good Samaritans saved a couple’s life in South Bend when an early morning fire broke out in their Lexington Avenue home.

The couple who lives there was sleeping while their house was on fire.

Chris and Laurie said they are happy to be alive and they don’t know what they would have done without the two guardian angels who woke them up.

David Hiles said, “I was getting ready to go kick the door in and that’s when they came out! But the real hero is the lady out here with the horn blowing. She saved their lives."

Hiles heard the passerby honking her horn.

Hiles said, “She said she wasn’t going to stop honking the horn until somebody came and it happened to be me!”

Just before 3 a.m. TSA agent Keitha Johnson was on her way to work at the airport when she saw flames coming from the home. She pulled into the driveway and began honking her horn.

Hiles ran across the street and started banging on his neighbor's door, but no one came out.

Hiles said, “That’s what I was scared of, that the smoke might have got them. That’s why it was just instinct I guess, I don’t know.”

He was getting ready to kick the door in when the couple finally came out.

Hiles said, “There was smoke and fire coming out of roof. Everything was getting ready to take off. I’d rather see the material objects go, than a human life be extinguished.”

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