Neighborhood unites after series of burglaries

A neighborhood in Goshen is on high alert after a series of burglaries.

Police were called out to the city's Rieth Park neighborhood at least 8 times last week, all because of break-ins.

Police have not apprehended anyone in connection to the crimes, and they are no suspect descriptions available.

"It's usually a very quiet neighborhood," said Wes Richard, one of the Rieth Park community members who's home was broken into. “That's the first time that has ever happened."

Police records show that there were 8 reported home break-ins around the Rieth Park neighborhood, each of them occurring in a swift 7-hour time window.

The burglaries all took place within a 6-block radius of one another, on 14th, 15th and 16th streets.

"We've taken some measures so that it's not possible now to break through our door, at least not as easily,” said Richard. “We've not had any fear or anger, we know there are people like that and we do what we can to help them see another side of life."

The Rieth Park Neighborhood Association is planning to have a community-wide meeting Saturday morning to discuss solutions to the recent rash of burglaries. Members of the Goshen Police Department have been invited to attend.
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