Neighbors: Explosions normal on Currant Road

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - A neighborhood is back to normal in Mishawaka Thursday night after explosive materials were destroyed at a home on Currant Road. Evacuation orders were lifted and roads were back open just before 3:30 p.m.

Numerous explosions could be heard throughout the afternoon in Mishawaka. The South Bend Police Bomb Squad detonated explosives in trenches at Stanley Warren's home. Warren blew himself up with a homemade explosive and Police found his remains Wednesday.
“It was a very large explosion,” says Douglas Worley. He lives a few houses down from the property. Worley heard something similar on Sunday. “I was in the service. It sounded like ten to fifteen pounds of explosives,” he said.
“We heard a big blast go off,” Ron Curran lives across the street and he heard a blast but it was on Saturday. “We didn’t think much of it. We thought way to go Warren," Curran says. "He’s always blowing stuff up.”
According to Matt Blank with the Saint Joseph County Sheriff's Department they don’t even know when Warren killed himself. Neighbors told them they heard explosions on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  
Worley says nobody called 9-1-1 because hearing explosions is normal. “I’ve heard other explosions over a period of time,” he says.
Curran thought Warren, a Vietnam Veteran, had a license to build fireworks. It turns out he didn’t.
It took police and the bomb squad most of the day to identify and dispose of everything he had inside the home. There were enough explosives to fill trenches in the back yard.
Curran says Warren suffered from chronic illnesses. “He always blamed the Vietnam War on why he was sick so much,” he says. Curran is surprised by the way Warren got rid of the pain. Police say they might never know why Warren committed suicide.

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