Neighbors outraged over possible sex offender plea

NOW: Neighbors outraged over possible sex offender plea

LAPORTE, Ind. – A LaPorte community is outraged and they’re reaching out to a local judge to ask him not to accept a plea deal for Ronald Kayser.

Kayser is accused of inappropriately touching a teenage girl in a LaPorte neighborhood. He’s failed twice to register as a sex offender and also has public indecency charges against him.

In addition to allegedly touching a teenage girl, Kayser touched himself in front of her and another teenager after helping them through a window.

Residents want him to know he is not welcome back in their neighborhood.

 “It infuriates me,” Art Moss said, who lives in the neighborhood. “I don’t want any of them around us, I will take action if I see them messing around with kids.”

A social media post is now gaining traction online with over 600 shares in less than a day. The post is a call to action, asking community members to call the judge set to hear Kayser’s case in November and ask him not to accept a plea deal that could lessen his sentence or keep him out of jail altogether.

Patrick Martin started the community movement and says his intentions were never to draw criticism to our local authorities or elected officials.

“With his previous history and the current accusations that he has admitted guilt why we would be discussing a plea deal and why we’re not treating him as a repeat offender who is dangerous,” Martin said.

Police say the incident happened at a house on North Street after Kayser helped two teenage girls get into a window after they were locked out of their house. He allegedly inappropriately touched one of the girls for 15 seconds when lifting her up.

Court records show Kayser admitted to helping the teens through the window but he said any inappropriate touching was an accident.

“I don’t have any reason to believe he was ever asked for help. I believe that he approached the situation and voluntarily interjected himself as helpful,” Martin said.

Kayser also admitted to urinating after helping the teens and said to police he was shaking himself dry and not touching himself.

“His subsequent actions after the quote on quote accidental touching should also help you to understand his intentions,” Martin said.

Kayser’s ex-girlfriend still lives in the LaPorte neighborhood where the crime happened. She said the whole situation has been a shock to her.

With the community's response, she also said she does not expect Kayser to get a plea deal and will make sure he won’t return to her home on Lake Street.

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