Neighbors react to 3 students hit in tragic accident

NOW: Neighbors react to 3 students hit in tragic accident

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Around 4 this morning, officials say 3 Notre Dame students were hit at the intersection of Bulla and Ironwood road, about a mile east of campus. According to Notre Dame, freshmen Valeria Espinel and Olivia Rojas died at the scene. The third student, a sophomore, has been hospitalized at memorial. He is in critical condition. As for neighbors – this news was shocking.

“When we were buying a house around here, we were looking at the crime stats and this was one of the safest areas, so I totally did not expect anything like this to happen,” said Joseph Kim. “It makes me feel really sad because I heard that they’re either first year students or second year students and to think their families said goodbye to them beginning of the semester, and since Notre Dame didn’t have any breaks that was probably the last they saw of them.”

With Bulla road leading to Notre Dame’s campus, the intersection has students crossing daily. According to South Bend local, Joe Chomyn it is not an easy place to pass.

“These cars coming from the north passing the little flower church are going really, really fast and if one goes fast, they all go fast. I enter this intersection regularly all summer and all fall a couple times a week, and I’ve almost gotten hit because these cars are traveling way too fast going south bound on Ironwood,” said Chomyn.

According to witnesses, the 3 students were walking near the intersection when a driver swerved into them and a nearby home. Shortly after, a second driver hit one of the victims. Both drivers are cooperating with investigators. Despite the tragic incident-- fighting Irish alumnae Joseph Kim has one message for the community

“We just have to keep fighting,” said Kim.

The investigation for this accident is still underway.

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