Neighbors react to man breaking into South Bend home

NOW: Neighbors react to man breaking into South Bend home


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- A south Bend man is now behind bars after breaking and entering, and the details are chilling.

The victim tells police she was startled out of her sleep to find him staring back at her with a roll of duct tape in his hands.

According to court documents, that man broke into the home through a side window using a screw driver.

Now, if he’s convicted, he’ll add breaking and entering to his already extensive criminal background.

“Oh, I wouldn’t know how to react. I’d be terrified," said neighbor Gregory Kraps. "To have a stranger in your home and wake up like that? I would definitely get some security in the house.”

Authorities identify the suspect as 31-year-old Scott Mrozinzki.

According to court documents, he told officers he was dropped off by a friend who said he could spend the night there as long as he was gone in the morning.

Mrozinzki says the duct tape was for his shoes.

Authorities found hand print smears and marks on the victim’s bathroom window, with a screwdriver found under the window.

“I’d say go find somewhere else to sleep. Not in my house. Not cool, not cool at all. It scare us. We have kids that play outside so yea," said neighbor Michelle Thompson.

Turns out, this isn’t Mrozinzki's first offense. He’s been in and out of jail seven times before 2016 on multiple theft and weapons charges. For neighbors, the first time should’ve been the last.

“They probably should’ve kept him in jail maybe a little bit longer than he was because obviously he wasn’t learning his lesson," said Thompson. 

“Unfortunately, you have bad people out here in the world. But yea, it’s disturbing to hear," said Kraps.

This is the suspect’s first breaking and entering charge.

He has been ordered to not have any contact with the victim and her fiance.

Mrozinski is currently being held at the St. Joseph County Jail and is due to be back in court on May 20th.

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