Neighbors react to teen shooting in Goshen

NOW: Neighbors react to teen shooting in Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind. - A 16-year-old was shot in the leg Monday night in Goshen. The shooting was on Westplains Drive outside the Westgate Manor Apartments on the city's northwest side.

One neighbor told ABC57 it was his friend, 16-year-old Jorge Castillo, that got shot and that he is alright.

Other neighbors say two men ran off from the scene.

“Male shot in the leg,” a dispatcher said, in Broadcastify audio. “We have medics in route, caller tells me he was 17.”

Officers were dispatched just before 11. According to the Goshen Police Department, three teens were standing outside when two other young males approached. There was an argument. Then the two unknown suspects took out small handguns and began firing – striking the 16-year-old near his knee cap.

When police got to the scene, there were no suspects there.

“Get a perimeter set up. They ran southeast,” a dispatcher said, in more Broadcastify audio.

Neighbors say two men ran from the scene.

Marcos Ayala was on his way back from work when he saw his friend and brother outside.

“I seen my brother and two of his friends right here. One was on the floor and I was like ‘hey yo what’s going on? What happened?’ dude told me ‘I got shot,’” Ayala said.

When asked how it happened, Ayala said “I was like how? Who did it? They’re like we have no idea it was just two kids.”

According to a dispatcher in more Broadcastify audio, “two white males, they ran.”

That’s when the police arrived.

Ayala said this is not like Castillo.

“They don’t really get in trouble. That’s why I was wondering what happened. Why did he get shot?” he said.

And the neighborhood?

“It never really happens around here. Anything like violence you know,” he said.

“It’s safe for the most part out here. Never had any problems out here ever,” Tasha Espinosa, a neighbor said.

Espinosa has lived in the complex for years. That’s why when she heard shots last night she said, “it just sounded like fireworks to me and living here so long I didn’t think anything of it.”

She said the police didn’t notify them of any suspects on the loose.

“It’s just a little terrifying as a parent to know that there’s people out here that shot a kid and took off and we didn’t even have any clue as to who they were on foot or in car or any warning as to any suspects being out here,” Espinosa said.

Castillo was transported to the Goshen hospital where he was treated and later released.

Investigators are still searching for the men who shot him. Anyone with information is urged to call the Goshen Police Department at 574-533-8661 or email [email protected].

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