Neighbors speak out after shots were fired on Taylor street

NOW: Neighbors speak out after shots were fired on Taylor street

People living on Taylor street in south bend say enough is enough.

A shooting rocked the neighborhood recently as over 30 rounds were shot into nearby homes and cars.

One neighbor describes how he found out his van was hit.

“well i came home to find the street blocked off and police were everywhere and windows were blown out of cars and i didn't find out until the next morning that my van actually had a window blown out of it and i found the bullet embedded into the seat on the passenger side” says roger madaras.

Neighbors say there were children outside playing as the shooting continued

“It was about four on Friday afternoon the time that most people are getting off of work there were children out in the yard -- several yards and people were screaming there's kids in the yard but but the people just kept shooting” says Madaras.

Madaras showed me the bullets that left gaping holes in his truck

neighbors nearby fear this won’t be the last time a shooting like this happens.

When i asked Madaras what he believes would solve some of the violence he said

“we the adults we have to reach out to these children because that's what they are children and we need to show them however we can that there's more to life than the drugs -- the guns and their reputation because when you're in the box your reputation -- your guns -- your drugs and all your money don't matter anymore” says madaras

There weren't any deaths or injuries as a result of this shooting but people in the community say they fear they may not be so fortunate the next time

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