Neighbors want Rum Village Park gates utilized

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -  Neighbors surrounding Rum Village Park are concerned about suspicious activity.

They’re asking that the gates to the park be closed after hours.

“They used to lock the gates and it was much more quiet,” said Anne Marie Thompson, who lives across from the Gertrude entrance.

Thompson says she’s noticed changes since the gates were left open.

“They don’t lock the gates, and people wander out of the park, midnight, do their thing,” Thompson said.

Signs say the park is closed from dusk to dawn, but Thompson says that’s when she sees the strange activity starting at the park throughout the night.

“What could you be doing at that park at that time?" Thompson said.

Thompson’s neighbor has similar stories.

“People come up here knocking at two, three in the morning naked,” neighbor Bob Savko said.

Savko says he’s offered to lock the gates on his own time.

“I’ve told them I’d lock it myself and they said, 'you can’t do that because you’re a citizen,'” Savko said.

After hearing concerns like this over the weekend, South Bend Common Councilman Oliver Davis offered to help, emailing the Venues, Parks and Arts department.

“Public safety is important for us all,” Davis said.

Davis says he’s hoping this can be resolved without changes to the budget, if possible.

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