New apartments add to Downtown South Bend's growth

NOW: New apartments add to Downtown South Bend’s growth



The Hubberd Building opened its doors Friday afternoon. The former printing plant is now a mixed use facility with 14 housing units.

The project took around three years to complete and is a part of a growing trend of increased housing in Downtown South Bend. The Ivy at Berlin Place and Cascade complexes will add hundreds of housing units to the area in 2019.

Officials and business owners alike see the growth in people living downtown as a potential boost for South Bend's economy.

Cheri Copelin owns Salon Nouveau in the newly renovated Hubberd building. She says she is excited about all the changes coming to the area.

"Downtown South Bend is growing so fast," said Copelin. "There’s so many new things coming and already here, restaurants and hotels. It’s an exciting time to come downtown".

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