New apartments may be built in Roseland

ROSELAND, Ind. – Roseland may be one step closer to development of new apartments for Notre Dame students.

On Tuesday, the Area Plan Commission of St. Joseph County gave a favorable recommendation to a plan to build the first five buildings of a high end apartment complex called “University Edge” at the former site of the Randall’s Inn.

"All you have to do is get one student in each apartment over there,” said Julie Anderson, who manages the Pizza King next to the site.  “That like doubles Roseland's population, that's huge."

Anderson explained that she hopes that building a student apartment complex in the heart of Roseland would help businesses like her restaurant depend less on business from hotels.

"The hotels tend to bring in a lot of business during football season and in the summer with the summer camps that Notre Dame has,” she explained.  “But, to have students here at least nine-months out of the year, that's huge...I think that's a better fit for Roseland to tell you the truth."

She explained that Roseland could benefit from the development.

"We're excited about it, Roseland seems to be somewhat of a dying area,” she said.  “Anything we can do to bring in more business and, for us specifically, to have students right next door to a Pizza Place that's great."

With the favorable recommendation from the plan commission final approval of the plan is up to the Roseland Town Council.

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