New app brings plow trucks to your home on demand

Continuous snowfall means snow is piling up on driveways across Michiana, and if you are handicapped or elderly it is difficult to clear off. There is a unique service you can hire via an app to help clear the snow.

"I've lived here for 55 years, in this house,” said Phyllis Vanzile.

As she sits comfortably in her warm house she reflects on her marriage.

“We were married in '52, so what would that be?” asked Vanzile.

That is 62 years, and Vanzile and her hubby enjoyed the snow once upon a time.

“We used to snow mobile,” said Vanzile.

In fact, it was love at first sight right in the middle of winter.

“At a skating rink, an outdoor skating rink in Three Rivers, Michigan, through a friend,” said Vanzile.

Vanzile lost a piece of her heart. when her husband died.

“He passed away four years ago,” said Vanzile.

Now she has trouble getting her driveway cleared.

ABC57 found two smart phone apps, Plowz and Mowz, that help you hire someone to clear your snow.

After a confirmation email is sent, Plowz and Mowz gets the job completed within the hour because sometimes it is more about safety than convenience.

“It's easy for the firefighters and the paramedics to come in, get their cot and tools inside, it's nice and cleaned out, it's better than battling through six to eight inches of snow,” said Shawn Jewell, a contractor for the app.

He said it makes him feel good knowing he is taking a burden off of others.

“In weather conditions like this, they don't need to be out, it's too cold, it's not good for their health,” said Jewell.

Even though the snow once brought Vanzile closer to the love of her life, it is time she leaves it to the professionals.

“I am learning that I'm 81 years old, almost, and I've got to slow down,” said Vanzile.

The cost for the clearing of the snow depends on the width and length of your driveway.
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