New Carlisle Fire Department receives new thermal imaging cameras

NOW: New Carlisle Fire Department receives new thermal imaging cameras


NEW CARLISLE, Ind. -- The New Carlisle Fire Department received three new thermal imaging cameras thanks to a grant from Firehouse Subs.

The cameras can detect body heat and hot spots in burning buildings.

“We use things until they absolutely don’t work anymore, our old cameras are over ten years old actually, and so this was a, just a must need at this point," said Assistant Chief Josh Schweizer of the New Carlisle Fire Department.

The cameras are used in search and rescue missions.

“It makes it a whole lot easier, sometimes the old ones would get a little clotted up, plus the you know the sensors wear so they’re not as sensitive. These are very sensitive, and make our jobs a whole lot easier," Schweizer said.

Firehouse Subs has a public safety foundation which gives funding, equipment and educational opportunities to first responders all across the country.

In this case, from the time the fire department applied for the grant to the time they received the cameras was a little over 30 days.

“I can’t say thank you enough, it is a huge honor to receive this and we do appreciate it," Schweizer said.

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