New Carlisle residents uneasy about Master Plan

NOW: New Carlisle residents uneasy about Master Plan

ST JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – St. Joseph County continues to plan before industrial, residential and commercial development for the Northwest part of the county. The county says it wants the public to be as involved as possible and has hosted public meetings for resident opinions. Even so, the uncertainty of the future has some residents worried.

 Matthew Florian lives in New Carlisle. He’s concerned that there is some possibility farmers would need to give up their land. “Just be mindful of what you’re asking people to sacrifice and walk away from. Because at the end of the day, that’s what a lot of us are going to have to do,” he said.

Bill Schalliol, Executive Director of Economic development in St. Joseph County, says he wants the public’s input and opinions throughout the planning. “What we really want to do is be sensitive to how we grow the industrial area that grows in an organic way,” Schalliol said.

Florian explained what he has gathered from the public meetings and research. “We’re talking about generational farms that are basically being told, look you’re part of this area that is now zoned 135 acres of industrial complex.” He is a hobby farmer, and his property has been in the family for six generations.

However, Florian wants to preface his opinion, “I’m all in favor of developing the economy, more jobs for local workers, keeping manufacturing in St. Joseph County.”

Residents will get another look at this developing master plan at a meeting tomorrow night at 6. It will be at the New Carlisle Olive Township Public Library. The public is invited.

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