New committee aims to drop animal euthanasia rates

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- South Bend officials say the city's animal euthanasia numbers are higher than they should be.

"In 2012 the euthanasia numbers for South Bend Animal Care and Control were 66 percent," said Valerie Schey, South Bend Common Council.

A number Schey says has remained consistent through the years. Her goal is to save more animals with a new nine member committee.

"The members that have been identified have extensive experience in animal welfare and animal rescue," said Schey.

A past director of the St. Joe Humane Society also joined the committee. They hope to revise a 30-year-old chapter of South Bend municipal code. Chapter five deals with animal care and control.

"And try to bring it up to speed for today's standards of care for animals and really try to move away from the old dog pound thinking," said Schey.

Schey says the new facility - three times larger than the last one - is a great step in that direction and gives them the space they need.

"We've more than doubled the number of dog kennels, we went from 17 to 44 which is fabulous," added Schey.

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