New consignment shop opens during pandemic

NOW: New consignment shop opens during pandemic


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- For the last 20 years, Teresa Breiler has dreamed of opening up a consignment store of her own one day.

“It’s really is like a dream come true to be able to do this. I love consignment shopping , so I’ve for years I’ve wanted to open a consignment shop and when I saw the location was available I decided, now’s the time to do it, I’m not getting any younger and so why not give it a shot,” Renegade Resale Owner Teresa Breiler.

Renegade Resale accepts gently used items and sells a variety of different goods, ranging from clothing, accessories and even home decor.

“We have both shoppers and consignors so it really has been great we have a lot of options in terms of the items because we’ve had so many consignors come in,” Breiler said.

Breiler said that there have been a few obstacles with opening up during a pandemic, and now that they’re officially open, that safety is their main priority.

“There were a little, few snafus in the beginning in terms of the city shut down so there were a few things we needed from the city,” Breiler said.

“We do require our customers and our consignors to wear masks. So everything gets sanitized our doors, we have changing rooms that get sanitized after every person that is in there as well.”

Breiler said that despite everything that’s going on around the world that she’s happy that she can provide support to her local community looking for affordable places to shop during this time.

“There aren’t very many options on the south side of town,” Breiler said.

“The response has been great. I think its kind of perfect timing really, I mean this business is kind of recession proof to start with but I think a lot of people have had time to clean out their closets and a lot of people are going back to work now and are needing affordable clothing for their jobs.”

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