New details about man arrested in undercover drug bust

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Officials released new details in the undercover drug bust that lead to an officer involved shooting Tuesday.

It happened at the corner of Mayflower Road and Western Avenue at the popular family-owned restaurant, Top Notch Restaurant and Bakery.

According to court documents, Walter Wilbourn, 34, has a lengthy criminal past and even served time for possession of cocaine.

Wilbourn now faces six felony charges, including two counts of attempted murder and two counts of battery with a deadly weapon.

According to investigators, Wilbourn met undercover officers inside Top Notch Restaurant and Bakery.

Police say Wilbourn planned to buy 1.5 kilos of cocaine from officers for $55,000. When Wilbourn pulled out two black bags full of cash, police surrounded him.

That is when police say Wilbourn jumped in his car and started ramming into squad cars. Then, he tried running over two officers who had reacted by drawing their guns.

Moments later police open fire.

The owner of the restaurant had no idea an undercover sting was happening in his parking lot and he told ABC 57, off camera, he is not too happy about his family restaurant turning into a crime scene.

Luckily, no one was injured. Officers fire several shots into the hood of Wilbourn’s car before he backed his car through a fence and got stuck.

A search warrant of Wilbourn’s house revealed he had packing material, residue of white powder and scales in his home.

In 2000, Wilbourn served two years for possession of cocaine. He was also convicted of resisting law enforcement and battery to an officers. Three months later, he was again convicted of resisting arrest. 

Investigators say the two officers Wilbourn tried to run over would have been pinned between two cars and likely would have been killed, had they not open fire.

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