New food coming to Notre Dame Stadium this season

NOW: New food coming to Notre Dame Stadium this season

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- A huge part of the Notre Dame game day experience is the food. 

This season fans will find dozens of new signature dishes at the concession stands inside Notre Dame Stadium. 

Notre Dame-Levy Executive Chef Travis Johnson says it’s time for fans to eat like a champion. He believes this year’s concessions menu features game-winning selections. 

“It’s all about the fan experience, creating great food experiences as well,” said Johnson. 

Johnson and his team spent their off-season revamping stands with talent from local farms and adding twists to the usual starters. 

“Our ultimate goal is to innovate and take great, local, fresh ingredients and turn them into great experiences for the guests as they come and watch Notre Dame football,” said Johnson. 

Fans can put their taste buds to the test, trying out 25 new options this season, warming up with a hoosier classic.

“This is a Midwest inspired pork tenderloin sandwich,” said Johnson. “As you can see it’s awesome.”

When the Fighting Irish go head-to-head on the field, guests can partake too by purchasing a ‘versus dog.’ 

“The versus dog is taking regional flare from the region of where our opponents are coming from and adding it to one of our dogs,” said Johnson. 

After a sweet victory, fans can find a spicy bite with a Cajun-inspired dessert. 

“Absolutely delicious bourbon bread pudding bites,” said Johnson. 

Johnson says fan feedback and months of planning led to this year’s line up. 

“We want to make sure people get a great variety of that food,” said Johnson. “Anywhere from some of the classic hot dogs to pretzels to popcorn to some of the new innovative items from the Cajun stand and pork tenderloin sandwiches.”

He thinks the dishes could bring home a championship, but says it’s up to the Fighting Irish foodies. 

“We want to create that overall experience and food is part of that experience,” said Johnson. “People want to be able to get out, get something great to eat, and then get back and watch the game.” 

For a full list of items on this year’s menu, including prices and sections where fans can find them, read below: 






Notre Dame Dog

7, 17




New Mexico Dog

7, 17




Navy Dog

7, 17




Grilled Cheese

2 -Mezz




Pork Rind Nacho





Bread Pudding bites

25, 10




Portobello Salad

7, 17




Chia Pudding

7, 17





18, 1-Mezz, 135




Pork tenderloin sandwich 





Andouille po boy

10, 19




Smash Brisket Burger

10, 122




Gluten Free Desserts

7, 17, 127



Brownie & Rice Krispie

Philly Beef Loaded Fries





Cheetos Popcorn

35 - Mezz




Fajita Chicken Bowl

127, 26




Steak Taco Bowl

127, 26




Cajun Stand: 

Andouille Po Boy:  New Orleans meets Notre Dame!  Smoked Andouille Po Boy fully dressed and topped with Zatarain’s creole mustard

Bread Pudding Bites:   Signature New Orleans White Chocolate Bread Pudding Bites tossed in Cinnamon/Sugar and served with a Caramel Bourbon Sauce

Voodoo Chips

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Fajita Bowls:  Marinated grilled chicken tossed with Roasted corn & black beans, brown rice, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese & salsa verde!

Steak Taco Bowl:  Marinated grilled Steak tossed with Roasted corn & black beans, brown rice, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese & salsa fresca!

Personal Pizza:  Signature Italian Pizza Crust, Signature Sauce, shredded cheese blend, oregano and finished with freshly grated parmesan, pepperoni and cheese available 

Cheetos Popcorn: 

Be prepared to get your fingers cheesey for this amazing dish!  Combining two fan favorites, Cheeto’s and popcorn to create this new signature dish coming to the stadium for the first time this Fall @ Notre Dame!

Loaded Philly Fries:  Crisp French fries loaded with philly beef, roasted peppers & onions, queso blanco & green onions!

Indiana Grilled Cheese:   White cheddar & creamy bechemel sauce combined with alpine cheeses on toasted sourdough bread

Bacon Grilled Cheese:  White cheddar & creamy bechemel sauce combined with alpine cheeses & crisp applewood smoked bacon on toasted sourdough bread

Pork Rind Nachos:  Fresh Fried Chicharrons, Notre Dame chili, cheese sauce, cilantro crema & pickl

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