New food options at Elkhart County Fair

NOW: New food options at Elkhart County Fair

GOSHEN, Ind. -- The Elkhart County Fair would not be complete without all the food.

From blended ice drinks to Philly cheese steaks and deep fried veggies, new items are always popping up at the fair.

Thursday evening, ABC 57 News got a sneak peek of what kind of food will be served at this year’s fair, and you won’t be disappointed.

The Elkhart County Fair attracts people of all ages for different reasons.

But if the animals, the rides, or the main events don’t attract you to the fair, don’t worry because there is a variety of food to try and choose from.

Vendors add new items to their menus each year at the fair, like the new ‘Dilly Dilly Dogs’ from the Corn Dog Factory.

“It’s just a hot dog that’s inside of a pickle and then we deep fry,” said Estella Collner who works for the Corn Dog Factory. “Definitely try it. I mean you only live once, so why not while you’re at the fair.”

The reviews for the ‘Dilly Dilly Dogs’ are already in.

Tif Schwartz says “it’s good, I like it,” and Richelle Culp says “I love pickles, and this is amazing.”

The number of food options at the Elkhart County Fair are simply endless.

Items like a frozen lemonade will keep you refreshed during these hot summer days.

The Donut Family has been selling mini donuts at the fair for the last 45 years.

They, too, are rolling out a new treat.

“This year we have a really good signature series of gourmet donuts,” said Todd Hawkins of the Donut Family. “It’s called the ‘Cinaroll Mini-Donut Gourmet.’”

Candace Good was one of the people that got to sample the Donut Family’s new treat.

“It looks really good. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her hand this to me with all the drizzle and whip cream on top,” said Good.

Whether you are looking for something sweet, salty, or refreshing, you will surely have many options to choose from at the Elkhart County Fair.

“It’s a fun family event,” said Jocelyn Schini, a fair-goer.

“You can see animals, introduce little kids to show them what [animals] look like, and have fun eating food here.”

Some of the fan favorites, especially among the kids, included the frozen lemonade, corn dogs, funnel cakes, ice cream, and cinnamon rolls.

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