New grant program to improve building in downtown New Carlisle

NOW: New grant program to improve building in downtown New Carlisle

NEW CARLISLE, Ind. – There’s a new effort to beautify and preserve the historic character of downtown New Carlisle.

Discover New Carlisle in partnership with 1st Source Bank announced a matching grant program on Tuesday that would help small businesses renovate their storefronts.

They hope the program transforms the look the look of New Carlisle’s downtown area and attracts new businesses and visitors.

“We do have some vacant storefronts and we do have some buildings that could definitely use some repairs,” said Discover New Carlisle member Dana Groves.

Groves believes the program can fund between two and three projects with $7,500 available this year.

Business owners can use the money on anything that improves their building and adds to its historical character like a fresh coat of paint or replacing a sign.

“It’s already a great place but we want people visiting, visitors, to be attracted to come to New Carlisle to shop and dine and spend their dollars here in our little town,” said Groves. “I think having improved storefronts and facades and well-kept, looking buildings [is] part of it.”

Groves says these restoration projects show a town’s pride.

“When you drive by and see something that’s in disrepair, you may not want to stop there and shop there, but if  you see that there’s pride and ownership and what these buildings look like, I think that just attracts people and they want to come here,” said Groves.

Ann Mares owns Charles Mares Hardware. It’s a home improvement store smack in the middle of downtown New Carlisle.

Mares says it’s expensive to pay for the upkeep of the old, historic buildings in New Carlisle. She thinks the grant program will ease that burden for businesses.

Mares plans to apply for the grant. She wants to paint a fresh coat of paint on her building.

“It’s historic, to keep the history going with this,” said Mares. “To keep up with the appearances you know it helps. It helps when there aren’t that many customers.”

To apply, click here.

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