New gun range could be approved in Mishawaka by December

NOW: New gun range could be approved in Mishawaka by December

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Shoot Point Blank is a gun range and sales company that is working to gain approval to open a facility where the old Cinemark Theater on University Drive used to be located.

The company is looking to expand their business to a fifth location with the addition of this new Mishawaka location.

An expansion is desirable for the company as gun sales reached record highs in 2020 with over 23 million being purchased in the United States.

One Mishawaka resident and gun owner says the addition of an indoor shooting range in Mishawaka would be very beneficial to the area.

“I think it’d be great for another business to move in here. More jobs for a few more people, and it be wonderful to have a place closer to home. If more people were aware of the safety, it’d make gun handling so much better for everyone. I have children that have all been shooting for a long time,  since they were younger, and it’s just so important that we all understand and we all respect the tool that it really is,” said Mishawaka resident Glenn Hardy.

A local business expert believes the business could thrive in Mishawaka due to the recent spike in gun sales.

“There’s probably not a better spot for this type of use then in a busy commercial area. Generally, I’d say it’s a little bit of the law of supply and demand. Gun sales nationally have been significant in fact they reached record numbers. I think the highest they’ve ever been. So, what you see is entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of those opportunities, meet the needs of customers, and look to build facilities where they could sell and also have the firing range there as well too," said Jeff Rea, President and CEO of the South Bend Chamber of Commerce.

A proposal to bring the business to University Drive was initially introduced in a Mishawaka council meeting on Monday evening.

For full approval, Shoot Point Blank still needs a recommendation from the Board of Zoning, permission for firearm sales, and must acquire public acceptance during another council meeting on November 15.

Full approval for these requirements could come as early as this December.

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