New Hampshire sinking ship being pulled out

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Progress is being made on pulling out a famous dinner ship that started sinking last week.

The 30-year-old ship started going under on Thursday and kept submerging all day Friday and throughout Saturday. Crews have been working to get the storied ship back on land.

For the last three decades, the ship sailed across the lake treating thousands of people to dinner cruises. Some even said it was the "talk of the town."

"I think there's sense that this boat has a life, so we're all feeling like there's something at loss here, like a life," said Michael Fedder, a tourist.

"If community hope and spirit and everything else could raise the boat, it would be sitting at the dock rebuilt now," said Peter Fenton, owner of MV Kearsarge.

After 24 hours, the boat is finally right side up. They plan to drain the water and find out what caused it to sink.

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