New health care firm brings new jobs to South Bend

A new health care firm is coming to downtown South Bend.

Advanced Center for Cancer Care plans to invest $7 million into the One Michiana Square building.

The firm says their purpose is to improve quality care and lower the cost for patients fighting cancer.

The addition of the company in downtown will also be helping to fuel economic development.

“We all live and work in this community and economic development in this community and entrepreneurial ventures to grow the economy are important in any thriving city,” said Colin Chambers, CFO Advanced Center for Cancer Care.

The city is being asked to purchase $900,000 worth of new equipment that will be leased back to the company.

In return the Advanced Center for Cancer Care has committed to adding 110 new jobs downtown by 2025.

“This type of job currently doesn’t exist in the downtown. These are high tech jobs, very good paying jobs, there’s 110 of them. So you can imagine the type of people who will fill these jobs are going to live in the downtown, shop in the downtown, eat, drink and play in the downtown and that’s exactly what we want if we’re going to continue the trend that we’re currently seeing,” said Chris Fielding, Assistant Executive Director of Community Investment.

The request for the development agreement will go before the Redevelopment Commission on Thursday.

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