New legislation to cut down South Shore travel time


There are major changes on track for the South Shore Line.

If you use the train to get to Chicago, get ready for a faster commute.

Thursday, Governor Eric Holcomb signed legislation that he says will make commuting to Chicago, quicker and more comfortable.

Right now, a trip to Chicago from the Carroll Avenue Train Station in Michigan City, will cost you at least an hour and 45 minutes of your time.

That’s because, from Gary to South Bend, the majority of the railroad is single track.

But a new project, called Double Track Northwest Indiana, is expected to change that.

Thursday morning, several state lawmakers and representatives joined Governor Holcomb for a ceremonial signing of a bill that will provide funding for the double-tracking of the South Shore Line between Gary and Michigan City.

“We’re going connect with the nation’s third biggest economy in ways we never have before this is just going to dramatically cut the commute and attract the type of talent, Scott is exactly right this is about people and we’re investing, telling every company out there that wants to grow or relocate jobs to the region, that we too are investing in people as we ask them to invest in the region,” said Governor Holcomb.

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